To mark UNESCO World Poetry Day 2021, my poem has appeared on 27 London poster sites as well as 20 more sites in Brighton, Birmingham, Cardiff, Sheffield and Edinburgh. Sonnet XX is just one of many poems you may run into in the streets if you are out and about over the next couple of weeks.

The celebrations on the day itself (March 21) included projections onto London landmarks. Tate Modern, the Royal Opera House and Royal Festival Hall featured a ‘guerilla style’ installation to highlight the poem Presence by artist Christina Reihill.

My work is an English Sonnet. I’m attempting to celebrate female agency and to cast women in the central heroic role. The traditional sonnet format gets a bit of a shake up (hopefully). While women were often the muse, it was usually the male voice stealing centre stage in traditional works. With notable exceptions; the Victorian poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning (How do I love thee? Let me count the ways) being one.

With very special thanks to Emma Clackson and all at Build Hollywood. Brilliant poster design by Jason Hyde too.